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MiniFESSTM Sphenoid Seeker/Freer


This two-in-one reusable tool functions as:

  • Seeker: 1.75 mm ball tip seeker with 19° bend angle enables navigation around the superior turbinate for easier access to the sphenoid ostium
  • Freer: Easy manipulation of middle turbinate with 4.5 mm wide freer elevator

MiniFESS Sphenoid Seeker/Freer

Please see instructions for cleaning, sterilizing and care for surgical instruments.

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XprESS Indications for Use

To access and treat the maxillary sinus ostia/ethmoid infundibula in patients 2 years and older, and frontal ostia/recesses and sphenoid sinus ostia in patients 12 years and older using a trans-nasal approach. The bony sinus outflow tracts are remodeled by balloon displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures.

Please see Instructions For Use for a complete listing of warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

PDF iconDownload XprESS Brochure

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