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PathAssistTM Light FiberTM

Real-time transcutaneous light confirmation


Provides real-time transcutaneous light confirmation with suction or irrigation when used with XprESSTM

  • Easy to advance and retract to ensure proper placement.
  • Alternative or additive confirmation device to CT-image guidance systems or fluoroscopy.
  • Delivers directable, high-intensity light to illuminate dark sinus pathways.
  • Y-Adapter allows for suction or irrigation while the Light Fiber is in use when used with XprESS.

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PathAssist Light Fiber Indications for Use

To locate, illuminate within, and transilluminate across nasal and sinus structures in patients aged 18 and over.

Please see Instructions For Use for a complete listing of contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

Download Light Fiber Instructions for Use

Download PathAssist Brochure

XprESS Indications for Use

To access and treat the frontal recesses, sphenoid sinus ostia, and maxillary sinus ostia/ethmoid infundibula in adults using a trans-nasal approach.  The bony sinus outflow tracts are remodeled by balloon displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures.

Please see the Instructions for Use below for a complete listing of warnings, precautions and adverse events.

Download XprESS Instructions for Use

Download XprESS Brochure

  • Product Features

    Transilluminated uncinate process ensures XprESS tip is directed at the maxillary ostium.

  • Product Features

    Compatible with Xenon and LED light sources, and with working lumen instruments with an internal lumen diameter diameter ≥0.035" and a length of ≤27.5cm. For added convenience, the Light Fiber has an ACMI connection and can easily be connected to Wolf or Storz light cables with adapters.

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