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PointerShell Universal

Add the precision of navigation to your current instrumentation

Pointershell Universal


The open architecture of the Fiagon PointerShell Universal allows you to easily and quickly add the precision of navigation to your procedures. It easily affixes with a quick locking screw to a variety of instruments already in your practice, providing you maximum versatility and cost savings when utilizing navigation.

Order Details

  • Adapts to fit 2.5-5mm instrument shafts
  • Delivers added precision
  • Use your current instruments--no additional instrument purchase required

See Fiagon PointerShell Universal in Action


Watch how the open architecture of the Fiagon PointerShell Universal can bring navigation to your current instrumentation.

Order Details

To order, please call 866-620-7615 or contact us.

Fiagon Product List

FPNS-E 01 0015 Premium Navigation System
FSNS-E 01 0014 Basic Navigation System
FGW-E 01 3913 GuideWire 0.6mm
FFP-E 01 2300 FinePointer 1.5mm
FFP-E 01 2004 FlexPointer 1.5mm
FFP-E 01 2002 FlexPointer 2.8mm
FFT-E 01 2104 FlexTube 3mm
FFT-E 01 2106 FlexTube 4mm
FPT-E 01 2102 PointerTube Sinus Frontalis
FPT-E 01 2102 PointerTube Stammberger
FAP-E 00 3001 Adhesive Pads (10 pk)
FPS-E 01 2902 PointerShell 3mm
FPS-E 01 2900 PointerShell 4mm
FPS-E 01 2901 PointerShell 5mm
FPS-E 01 2904 PointerShell Universal
FPS-E 01 2906 PointerShell LS
FRP-E 01 2003 Registration Pointer
FLAP-E 01 2202 Localizer Adhesive Pads

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