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Fiagon Sinus Navigation Systems


Fiagon Sinus Navigation Systems

Basic sinus system (includes preinstalled sinus software, system setup components and 1 universal headrest)

Catalog No: FSNS-E 01 0014

Navigated Instruments (Single-use)

Guidewire 0.6mm

Navigated wire enables tracking of the XprESS Pro LoProfile and Pro balloons

Catalog No: FGW-E 01 3913

Navigated Instruments (10-use)


Available in 1.5mm and 2.8mm

Catalog No:

FFP-E 01 2002 (2.8mm)

FFP-E 01 2004 (1.5mm)

FinePointer (for otology application)

Available in 1.5mm

Catalog No: FFP-E 01 2300

Fiagon Fine Pointer


FlexTube provides navigated suction and irrigation, and can be reshaped to improve access. Available in 3mm and 4mm

Catalog No:

FFT-E 01 2104 (3mm)

FFT-E 01 2106 (4mm)

PointerTube Sinus Frontalis

Catalog No: FPT-E 01 2103

PointerTube Sinus Stammberger

Catalog No: FPT-E 01 2102

Adhesive Pads (10 pk)

Catalog No: FPS-E 00 3001


Available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm

Catalog No:

FPS-E 01 2902 (3mm)

FPS-E 01 2900 (4mm)

FPS-E 01 2901 (5mm)

Replacement Components

Registration Pointer

Catalog No: FRP-E 01 2003

Localizer Adhesive Pad

Catalog No: FLAP-E 01 2202

Fiagon Localizer Image