Entellus Medical

Entellus Medical
Reinforced Anesthesia Needle

Deliver maximum patient comfort with optimal control.


The proprietary design of the Entellus Medical™ Reinforced Anesthesia Needle sets the standard for control and consistency. That means you can easily and confidently deliver local anesthesia for optimal patient comfort in your OR or clinic.

Entellus Medical Reinforced Anesthesia Needle Indications for Use

For use in injecting local anesthetics into a patient to provide regional anesthesia.

Please see Instructions for Use (IFU) for a complete listing of warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

Download Reinforced Anesthesia Needle Instructions for Use

Download Reinforced Anesthesia Needle Brochure

  • Reinforced needle for reinforced control

    • Enhanced stiffness allows you to manipulate the anatomy and give easier access to difficult to reach areas.
    • The unique combination of a 27G tip and larger sleeve are designed to ensure a slow flow rate and provide a positive stop for injection depth precision.
  • Give your patients maximum comfort

    The Entellus Medical Reinforced Anesthesia Needle provides a slow flow rate and precise depth of injections designed to:

    • Minimize your patient’s ingestion of anesthesia.
    • Maximize the anesthesia effect and patient comfort.
    • Give you the control you need to easily and consistently perform all injections, including the sphenopalatine block, which is suggested to reduce patient bleeding and increase comfort.