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Balloon Dilation for Sinusitis in Children and Adults

Chronic sinusitis not only affects millions of adults, but approximately 6 million children as well.3

Why Balloon Dilation

After 10 years and hundreds of thousands of patients treated, balloon dilation has firmly established itself as a part of the continuum of care for chronic sinusitis patients and the patient preferred treatment option.

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Clinically Proven & Established

Clinical studies show that balloon dilation has significant symptom relief comparable to FESS, through 24 months. Physicians can rely on a greater than 97% technical success rate while low revisions rates provide patients a better recovery experience.4

Patient Preferred Treatment Option

Balloon dilation provides a more atraumatic procedure and enhanced experiences for patients. It provides a particularly impactful treatment option when completed in the office under local anesthesia.

Safe, Alternative Option for Pediatrics

A recent clinical study using Entellus Medical balloon sinus dilation showed a 100% technical success rate with zero complications in 50 patients and 157 sinuses treated proving it a safe procedure. 6 You and your patient’s parents can have peace of mind knowing this safe procedure may help stop children from ongoing suffering.