Treat the Frontal, Sphenoid & Maxillary Sinuses with a

Single Multi-Functional Device

Leading the way in office sinus dilation

  • Proven successful access and dilation of the natural maxillary ostium and infundibulum1
  • Hassle-free, integrated LED Light Fiber provides optimal illumination across a broad range of patients
  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce sinus symptoms1
  • Dilation remodels the bony sinus outflow tract by displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures, potentially reducing the amount of tissue loss as compared to traditional FESS proceduress2,3

Do More with the Versatile and Efficient XprESS™ LoProfile with PathAssist™ LED Light Fiber™

The XprESS LoProfile with PathAssist LED Light Fiber from Entellus elegantly combines multiple functions in a single, less invasive tool designed for sinus dilation procedures in the office.

  • Balloon Dilation
  • Seeker
  • Confirmation
  • Suction
  • Irrigation

XprESS LoProfile with PathAssist LED Light Fiber Features

|High Intensity LED light provides optimal illumination |Red Light more easily trans-illuminates through bone and tissue for transcutaneous confirmation |1.75mm ball tip allow for treatment of tight spaces |Malleable tip can be quickly shaped for treatment of the frontal, sphenoid and maxillary sinuses |Quick shaping of malleable tip with simple bending tool |Smooth, one-finger balloon advancer |Comfortable design with integrated fingertip suction vent |Built-in battery power eliminates extra light sources, cables and adapters |Inflation port simply connects to one-handed inflation device | |Integrated suction/irrigation port to clean field of view for added efficiency |Intuitive and easy-to-use inflation syringe

Unmatched Versatility

  • Malleable tip can be quickly reshaped for treating frontal, sphenoid or maxillary sinuses
  • Multiple balloon sizes are optimized for precise placement and treatment to better meet patient needs
  • Compatible with multiple confirmation techniques including PathAssistTM Light FiberTM, direct visualization and IGS*
  • Choice of XprESS models for treatment of tight anatomy and for increased suction

Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Easy-to-use, all-in-one tool facilitates more efficient sinus dilation treatments
  • Tactile feel provides added confidence for precise placement
  • Efficient procedure is easily integrated into your OR or office workflow
  • Simple staff training with easy-to-use products and few components
  • Hassle-free setup with integrated PathAssist LED Light Fiber that contains its own battery power eliminating the need for extra light sources, cables and adapter
  • Streamlined inventory management

In-Office Treatment for Immediate and Lasting Relief

In the past, FESS was the only effective alternative to medical therapy for patients who suffered from chronic sinus infections. Balloon sinus dilation offers a minimally invasive option for treating patients conveniently in the office that provides immediate and lasting relief with a quick recovery.4,5

  • Proven local anesthesia protocol for patient comfort1
  • Unlike medical therapy, XprESS remodels the anatomy
  • Office-based sinus dilation is as effective as FESS in delivering  long-term symptom relief6
  • Durably widens drainage pathways for lasting relief
  • Balloon patients recover in 1-2 days, 70% faster than comparable FESS patients6
  • On average only 8% of balloon patients require a follow-up debridement

Patient Satisfaction

  • Balloons offer a positive, life-enhancing procedure that may significantly improve your patients' quality of life7
  • Fast, convenient, effective and low office cost results in exceptional patient satisfaction1

*Do not attach the XprESS device directly to the CT image guidance system. This may result in inaccurate device positioning. REFERENCES: 1-7 Published references and/or data on file at Entellus Medical.


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LPLF-105 5mm x 18mm  XprESS LoProfile 5mm with PathAssist LED Light Fiber
LPLF-106 6mm x 18mm  XprESS LoProfile 6mm with PathAssist LED Light Fiber
LPLF-107 7mm x 18mm  XprESS LoProfile 7mm with PathAssist LED Light Fiber
LPLF-205 5mm x 8mm  XprESS LoProfile 5mm Compact with PathAssist LED Light Fiber
LPLF-206 6mm x 8mm  XprESS LoProfile 6mm Compact with PathAssist LED Light Fiber
JD-106 6mm x 18mm  XprESS 6mm Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool
JD-107 7mm x 18mm  XprESS 7mm Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool
JD-206 6mm x 8mm  XprESS 6mm Compact Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool
 PathAssist LED Light Fiber
 PathAssist Light Fiber



Indications for Use: To access and treat the frontal recesses, sphenoid sinus ostia, and maxillary sinus ostia/ethmoid infundibula in adults using a trans-nasal approach. The bony sinus outflow tracts are remodeled by balloon displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures. Please see the Instructions for Use below for a complete listing of contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.


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