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FinESS Sinus Treatment

FinESS is the maxillary and anterior ethmoid sinus dilation treatment that allows patients with challenging nasal anatomy to be treated safely, simply and effectively in the office.


  • Transantral approach with direct access and visualization
  • FinESS eliminates need to navigate through challenging nasal anatomy
  • Proven local anesthesia protocol for patient comfort



  • Recovery in 1-2 days versus 1-2 weeks with FESS1,2
  • Unlike medical therapy, FinESS remodels the anatomy
  • Durably widens drainage pathways for lasting relief


  • The FinESS in-office procedure dilates the ethmoid infundibulum and maxillary ostium using a small balloon catheter and a specialized endoscope for visualization
  • The simple-to-perform procedure is easily integrated into your office workflow


Effective, Safe and Comfortable

  • FinESS improves sinusitis symptoms an average of 70% for at least 24 months3
  • Patients with maxillary and anterior ethmoid disease improved as much as those with only maxillary disease
  • This treatment is well tolerated, with 88% of patients able to return to normal activity within 48 hours of the procedure4
  • 92% patient satisfaction with the procedure3
  • Statistically significant (p<0.0001) and clinically meaningful (≥ 0.8) improvement in sinus symptoms at each follow-up visit3




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BC-700 FinESS 5mm Sinus Treatment
ES-300b FinESS Endoscope Bundle



FinESS 5mm Sinus Treatment Indications for Use: To access and treat the maxillary sinus ostium and the ethmoid infundibulum in adults with a trans-antral approach. The bony sinus outflow tract is remodeled by balloon displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures. Please see Instructions for Use below for a complete listing of contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

Download Instructions For Use, FinESS Sinus Treatment
Download FinESS Sinus Treatment Brochure

FinESS Endoscope Indications for Use: The FinESS endoscope is intended to provide a means to visualize the maxillary sinus cavity and deliver the FinESS balloon dilation catheter to treat the maxillary sinus ostium and ethmoid infundibulum in adults with a trans-antral approach. The endoscope is part of the FinESS Sinus Treatment and is inserted via a sterile access sheath through the canine fossa. Please see the Instructions For Use for a complete listing on contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.

Download Instructions For Use, FinESS Endoscope
Download Instructions For Use, FinESS Endoscope Sterilization Tray

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